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Beeswax Food Wrap: Small
Beeswax Food Wrap: Small

Beeswax Food Wrap: Small

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Good for your food. Good for the earth.
lasts 1 year · keeps food fresher · compostable

Beeswax food wraps are an all natural, reusable & eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap in the kitchen and beyond. Wash in cool, soapy water. Do not heat.

Perfect for keeping avocados fresh, wrapping lemons, the ends of cucumbers - all your small produce or needs!

Since their pattern availability varies greatly on a daily basis, we are not able to offer pattern selection for the single small wraps. The print you receive will be based on availability. 

1 x Small 6x9



100% Cotton | Canadian Beeswax | Tree Rosins | Jojoba Oil

Made by hand in Victoria, BC

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